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Dressing up for a Wedding? Try These Tahitian Pearl Ornaments

Do you have a wedding event coming up? If it’s a close friend or a family member, you will probably be busy with finding the perfect venue or helping the bride to choose her dress. But what about choosing your own wedding outfit and the jewelry to go along with?

Pearl jewelry is undoubtedly gorgeous and any piece will definitely sing with the wedding dress. Tahitian pearls could be the best choices for such a big event because they look enigmatic and attractive from every angle. These exotic beauties are available in an impressive range of overtones, including exciting peacock green, funky blue eggplant, and graceful silvery green.

Tahitian Pearl Ornaments for a Wedding

The dress and jewelry choices mainly depend on the theme of the wedding. A summer event goes well with something flouncy and fun, while a regal affair warrants rich, darker tones. Here is a quick guide featuring three dress and pearl jewelry combos to solve your wedding style dilemma.

# Style 1

A combination of dark and light tones sounds perfect for a gorgeous evening wedding event. If you choose the dress in a rich jewel tone, keep the pearl necklace and other ornaments white, silver, or off-white.

However, if you want to look traditional in a light-colored dress, choose a colorful or black Tahitian pearl necklace to complete the timeless, elegant look.

# Style 2

Floral themes are indispensable to summer and spring weddings. If you want to embrace this theme, pair up an embroidered floral gown, preferably in a bright color like red or ocean green, with an on-tone matching pearl necklace. If you are sporty enough to wear a choker length, choose larger beads ranging from 10 to 14 mm. Choose a gorgeous clasp, which matches the design of other ornaments, to bind all these gorgeous beads together.

If you are undecided about the color of pearls, a cloud silver shade is likely to add sophistication and the desired charm to the overall outfit. A summer theme is bubbly and quite feminine, so the silver pearl necklace will radiate the elegance and glamour of that feminine spirit.

# Style 3

It is not a summer wedding, but you still want to look festive and fun? Don’t worry. The Tahitian South Sea pearls get you covered.

Even if the outfit features the basic colors like classic black or white, your pearl ornaments can channel the high spirits and mirth you want to display. Wear a bracelet or a pair of earrings featuring several multicolor pearls. The iridescent hues of the ornaments will help to achieve a refined yet fresh look.

Which combo resonates with your personal style?

Until next time.


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