Dress your Daughters in Pearls

Until I started working at Pearl & Clasp, I always thought of pearls as a rite-of-passage into adulthood, one that would mark the end of a woman’s adolescent years and plunge her into adulthood (in style). After spending over a year with the company, and researching pearl trends for people in all stages of life, I’ve found that there’s another group that looks just as chic and fabulous in pearls – children.

Before you object, remember, not every pearl is a precious heirloom, and with affordable prices like the ones here at Pearl & Clasp, it’s possible to get pearl jewelry for your children that they will be able to grow into and cherish as they grow older. Want some great ideas for age-appropriate jewelry for children?

Here are a few to get started:

Earrings: Small earrings, like these 5.5mm studs are small enough for your daughter to wear as her first earrings. In addition, since pearls are made from all natural materials, you won’t have to worry about irritation from synthetic metals.



Necklaces: A necklace made from small pearls is a great option for your daughter. Whether she is a toddeler, tween, or a teenager, a pearl necklace is a tasteful option that will be sure to show off your daughter’s angelic side, even if she doesn’t always act like an angel.


photo credit: pinterest.com

Bracelets: A small pearl bracelet can be just the touch of class your daughter enjoys to make her feel “grown up” without breaking the bank. This bracelet is tasteful and age-appropriate because of the pearl size, and the addition of a sweet clasp will make this bracelet something for your daughter to cherish.


photo credit: pinterest.com

What do you think? What age is pearl-appropriate? Let us know and until next time,



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