Dress your Bouquet in Pearls

We haven’t done a Wedding Wednesday post in a long time — which means that we are way overdue for one! And since wedding season is most DEFINITELY here…we thought we’d share some unique ways to incorporate our favorite gemstone into your wedding bouquet. I mean, pearls are classic when worn, but they can be equally stunning when you carry them as well. Here are some ways you can “dress up” your bouquet in pearls.

  1. Forget a satin ribbon — use strands of pearls to wrap your bouquet instead of using a traditional satin ribbon. The plus side is that the pearls will definitely give you a better grip on the handle, while the bad news is that it can make your already heavy bouquet even heavier. Here are some looks we love.
    photo credit: www.handellovelabridal.com

    photo credit: www.inspirationevents.wordpress.com
  2. Skip the flowers — We spend a fortune on our flowers for our weddings, but after it’s all said and done, they wither and die as your love blossoms. If you are looking for a wedding bouquet you can keep and you don’t have to worry about planting or watering it, you can skip the flowers all together and go for a stunning bouquet made just from pearls. Go the vintage or classic route with one that’s tightly wound or a cascading bouquet reminiscent of baby’s breath.
    photo credit: www.thebridestree.com
    photo credit: www.etsy.com

    photo credit: www.brides.prestonbailey.com
  3. Supplement with pearls: If you want to carry a classic bouquet with the flowers of your choice, you can still incorporate pearls into the look. Using pearls in addition to your flowers in your bouquet looks stunning, and you can keep the pearls as a keepsake memento.
    photo credit: www.perfect-wedding-day.com
    photo credit: www.onewed.com
    photo credit: onewed.com

    photo credit: www.flowerpicturegallery.com
    photo credit: flowerpicturegallery.com
  4. Go vintage: Flowerless bouquets are more and more popular these days, and this is one of our favorite flowerless styles. Instead of using just pearls in your bouquet, pull together a collection of jewelry and brooches that are meaningful to you, and pull them together in a stunning brooch bouquet.
    photo credit: www.luulla.com
    photo credit: luulla.com
    photo credit: www.etsy.com
    photo credit: etsy.com
    photo credit: www.diy-enthusiasts.com
    photo credit: diy-enthusiasts.com

    photo credit: www.diy-enthusiasts.com
    photo credit: www.diy-enthusiasts.com

If you plan to carry pearls down the aisle, make sure you’re wearing them as well – the perfect pearl bridal set will make sure that you look even more gorgeous than your bouquet. Get one for yourself or for your whole wedding party.

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