DIY Pearly White Winter Chic

Maybe its the crisp December days or our fabulous 25 Day of Holiday Gifts, but something has definitely got me feeling the holiday spirit.  It seems like all I do these days is look up holiday ideas on Pinterest, to the point where its already been an hour into work, and although I may have my entire menu and outfit picked out for the Holidays, I have not even begun my work yet. So instead of daydreaming, I decided to put my Pinterest holiday obsession to good use and compile some fabulous DIY holiday decor ideas. Inspired by the classic look of a white winter, here are some DIY ideas we love.


First lets start with the wreaths. Wreaths are a sign of welcoming and holiday cheer, they are also the first thing people will see when they come to your house. You want the wreaths to be welcoming and inviting, not boring.


This stunning jeweled wreath can be made up of old costume jewelry for a more glamourous look.

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For a simpler, more homey feel, this Paper Rose Wreath is really beautiful. To make it even easier, try buying fake white roses and simply cutting them off the stems. That way, you can jump right into the wreath making part instead of spending hours crafting hand-made paper roses. Unless of course you’re the super crafty type, then by all means, craft away!

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Lights are huge component of creating a holiday atmosphere in the home.  Without lights,its like, I mean it’s not even really fathomable.

 I am a big believer in tea lights. So simple, yet elegant, these tiny little lights are more compelling than you’d think.  Tie some fresh thyme around the brim of a tea light holder of your choosing, and you got yourself one chic winter light. Perfect for the table or even windowsill, we love this tea light idea.

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For a more unique spin on string lights, try placing them in a mason jar. Pack the lights tightly inside the mason jar but make sure to leave some room for the plug to stick out and be plugged in.  Placed on top of a fire place, these are stunning.

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This DIY ornament is seriously a must have. For only $20 dollars, you can have yourself almost 18 of these gorgeous little buggers. A great idea for these ornaments is to mix and match gold, silver, and white pearls. Try gathering a bunch together and hanging them from your light fixture or chandelier…. you won’t regret it.

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 Try mixing pine cones, pine needles, and long stemmed white flowers, real or fake. Great for a center piece.For instructions on how to make the vases, go to the site listed below.

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We’re into pine cones, clearly. And obviously pearls. Simply spray paint a pine cone silver and hot glue pearls onto the leaves. Tie a tag around the cone with your guests’ names for table seating.


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We hope that your Holidays will be as lovely as these DIY ideas.

 Wishing everyone a beautiful and peaceful Holiday Season!


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