Pearl Ornaments DIY

Love DIY? Why Not Try Some Pearl Ornaments?

The charm and charisma of pearl beads have made them one of the most popular choices for ornament pieces. They exude grace and style and add elegance to jewelry whether these are necklaces, bracelets, circlets, brooches, or earrings.

Have you ever thought of adding extra zing to your ornaments? Adding gorgeous pearl beads will transform them into classy pieces. You can also customize pearl ornaments to make them look unique.

If you are thinking of sprucing up your pearl jewelry pieces or jazzing up ordinary ornaments with pearl beads, here are three stunning DIY ideas:

Breezy summer with nautical-themed earrings.

Summer vibes are all about being light, cheery, and carefree. Heavy ornament pieces don’t go with this spirit. What you need is small earring pieces or a bracelet. It’s even better if you can revamp the piece and give it an ocean-themed makeover.

Purchase two similar seashells from your local retail store and make a pin-sized hole near the umbo using an awl. Glue a pearl bead in the center. Faux pearls are fine but using real ones like the beautiful golden south sea pearls will increase the ornament’s beauty manifold.

Make the jump rings and earring hooks with silver- or gold-coated craft wire. You can also purchase these from a craft store. Attach the rings to the hole you have made and then secure the hooks to the rings. These simple yet charming earrings complement not only your summer outfits but any minimal-style clothes you decide to try out.

Knotted pearl bracelet.

A pearl bracelet on your hand goes well with any casual clothing. If you are confident enough, you can carry the look with formal dresses too.

Crafting a pearl bracelet is an easy-peasy task. You will need some pearl beads and a thick leather strand.

Tie a knot and then thread the strand into two pearls (you can also thread just one or more than two pearls, as you like) before tying another knot to secure the beads in their place. Keep doing this until the crafting is finished and then attach the tips of the strand with a final knot. You can also attach the ends by using a ball or barrel clasp.

Instead of using pearls of similar size and color, you can choose them asymmetrical and in various colors to spice up the look.

Ribbon woven pearl necklace.

Single-strand white pearl necklaces will always be in fashion. But it will be great if there are some ways to put a twist on them, right?

Just remove some pearls from the necklace and tie a piece of black satin ribbon at both ends. Knot the ribbons together and you are done. The combo of pearls and satin create a classy and edgy look and can glam up your complete outfit. You can pair the necklace up with different types of dresses just by changing the color of the ribbons. Whether it is a regular outing or a fancy dinner party, let this necklace make you shine among everyone else.

Which one of these DIY ideas have you liked the most? You can even put your own spin onto each of these designs.

Until next time!


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