Day-to-Night Styles

The life of the modern woman is busy and exciting, but can also be very high maintenance. Most workplaces have a dress code, or at least a general standard, and society adds its own pressure for a women to look put together and organized at all times. When you spend your day running the morning errands, getting to the office and then heading out to dinner, it’s hard to find time to stay ahead of the style game. Though you can always bring outfits to change into throughout the day, we think the real trick is learning how to create outfits that can go from day to night.




Dresses and pants can both be extremely versatile; the magic is in the accessories and layers. A blazer can be used to add depth or color, giving you a fresh look with minimal impact on your schedule. If you need something more casual, a good pair of black trousers or dark jeans may be your new best friends. Pair them with more practical shoes for your daytime affairs, and then swap those out for your best night-life pumps. You can also use layers to keep your style more subdued during the day, and then shed them once you leave for the night. For example, a cutout top or a spaghetti-strapped dress can both be covered up with a cute cardigan. Most offices have air conditioning and can get chilly, so this option really solves a number of problems. A basic sheath dress is professional and classy for work, and looks great with or without layers as well.

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Another way to spice up your look when you leave the office is by adding some drama to your makeup. Swipe on some red lipstick, or get your glamour on with a smokey eyeshadow. Add a few layers of mascara and freshen up your blush or bronzer before heading out to really boost your look. Jewelry is also a major player here! Add pearls or earrings if you’re going somewhere fancy, or some chunky bracelets if you’re meeting your girlfriends for drinks. And don’t forget your footwear! Running around all day can be exhausting and hard on your feet, so make sure to give them a break. Wear comfortable shoes for travel time, or leave a pair of flats at the office to slip into between meetings.

What are your favorite day-to-night styles?

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