Daily Makeup Routine for Summer

Summer is a tricky time when it comes to your skin. On the one hand the sun and heat can dry it out, but on the other the inevitable sweat makes skin feel oilier than usual and can bring about problems like acne. Makeup seems like a fine solution, but the heat and humidity often leave makeup feeling heavy and caked on, and it usually doesn’t last more than an hour or so before streaking or flaking off.

So what’s a gal to do?

Follow these steps for a flawless, summer-proof look!

  1. BB cream. This all-in-one product is great for summer because it includes a light moisturizer, sun screen and a bit of coverage to even out your complexion. It’s easy to apply and super lightweight, making it a perfect base during summer weather.
  2. Concealer, if you need it. Dab a little under your eyes if you have a bit of shadow, but keep it liiiiiiiight to avoid caking. Choose a formula that’s a little bit sheer, and keep in mind that your skin tone is probably a drop darker this season due to the sun exposure. Add earrings to draw the eyes up and away from any bags or blemishes you may want to hide.
  3. Powder. You need this to set your makeup and provide a little more protection from sweat. Like the previous steps, keep things light by buffing gently with a kabooki brush starting at the center of the face and moving outward in circular motions.
  4. Bronzer. Embrace the sunkissed glow of summer with some strategically placed bronzer. You don’t want to overdo it (no one likes the orange look), so use bronzer sparingly across the cheekbones, along the hairline and beneath the jaw. Add pearls to really highlight your color!
  5. Mascara. For an everyday look, skip the eyeshadow and keep your face looking bright and healthy with a smidge of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.
  6. Lipstick. Or lip stain. Either one goes. Add some interest to your look and protect your lips from dryness with some bright, bold lipstick. Choose a peachy nude for a neutral look, or go all out with a red or plum shade.
  7. Setting spray. Keep a small bottle of setting spray in your bag to keep your look fresh throughout the day. Give your face a spritz once you’re done doing your makeup to get a smooth, blended finish, and use it again whenever you feel your face could use a pick-me-up.

What are your favorite summer makeup products?

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