Bouquets and Bracelets

A bride-to-be’s to-do list is extensive and not to mention exhausting. Included among the many things on that list is the bridal bouquet. With such a flowery and colorful arm candy, one may question the necessity of arm accessories such as bracelets but before you start canceling off “shopping for bracelets” off your list, you need to first recognize the type of bouquet you’ll be having on your big day; you can then decide if a bracelet is needed and if so, just which ones and just how much so as to avoid visual clutter.

There is a pretty limitless choice of bouquets out there for a bride but the main types are:

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The Round Shape
Probably the most popular type, the bouquet is circular in shape and has either a preformed handle secured at the bottom or the stalks of the flowers secured together with tapes, ribbons or both.

When it comes to arm accessories and the round bouquet, things work in inverse proportions so if your bouquet is small, we recommend something more ornate like this Diamond Bayonet Pearl Bracelet, but if your bouquet is large, something more dainty is appropriate.

The Arm Bouquet Another contender for the most dramatic type of bouquet, the arm bouquet comprises of long stalks of flowers tied together into a bundle and carried on either arm of the bride.

Since the bouquet will be garnering a lot of attention, you would want arm accessories that are subtle and will serve to complement, not detract from, the bouquet.

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The Wrist Corsage
A great alternative to bouquets that are of the hand-held type is the corsage. Worn on the wrist, a bride gets to keep her hands free on her big day.

Since the corsage is in itself an accessory worn on the arm, instead of being held in the hands, you can opt to omit any bracelets. To bling up the corsage or have it look even prettier, sew on some pearls, ribbons or any decorative elements of your choice onto the wrist band.

The Cascade or Shower
For the romantics or those with a flair for the dramatics, this particular type of bouquet will definitely take the cake with flowers, leaves and/or ribbons trailing down from the bouquet holder.

With the bouquet itself being such an attention-seeking arm piece, you can make do without any accessories on your arm. If you must though, then slip on a delicate bracelet in a color that matches up with the colors that are in your bountiful bouquet.

Single Strand Pearl BraceletWhatever type of bouquet you do decide on at the end of the day, as a rule of thumb, avoid piling on bracelets and bangles because when it comes to accessorizing your arms in addition to a bouquet on your big day, less really is more.

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