Bangs: The Ultimate Fall Hairstyle

Summer is all about sunshine and staying cool, but fall brings about numerous layers and options when it comes to style. Keeping warm is a priority, but there are so many lovely and unique ways to do so. We’ve already discussed a few of the fall classics, like leggings, blazers, cardigans and boots, but we haven’t touched on one very important part of your look: your hair.

In the warmer months, hair is pulled up and off the neck to keep cool, but during the fall, lower, looser styles are the most popular choice. Loose, messy buns, low ponytails, twists and braids all look amazing with earrings, and have the added benefit of keeping your neck protected from the chill. Another leading autumn look is bangs. So many of us (all of us, really) toy with the idea of cutting bangs at some point. Well, fall is the absolute best season to try them out. In the summer, bangs stick to the forehead and make us hot and sweaty. Hair also tends to lose its shape and become more limp in hot weather. In the fall, however, hair tends to get thicker and bouncier, and we appreciate the warmth it provides. In winter, we often wear hats or other hair accessories, which also means if you hate your new ‘do, you can hide it easily without drawing attention.


There are several types of bangs, and you should definitely do you research before cutting yours. According to PopSugar, round faces look best with long, whispy pieces or side-swept bangs, and should avoid very choppy styles. Square faces look great with layered bangs that reach to or just past the eyebrows. Whispier styles also work well, but avoid blunt cuts and layers that hit the jawline. Oval faces can wear basically any style, but avoid too much volume at the top of the head. Sideswept and off-center styles are best for heart-shaped faces.

One thing that can make bangs difficult in winter is wind. If you live somewhere that tends to get windy in the fall, your bangs may be a bit harder to manage. If you love the look and want to give it a shot anyway, practice some quick techniques that will let you pull your bangs back without a hassle whenever you need. French braids and twists do the job well and look amazing, and a simple headband can fix the problem if you don’t have any bobby pins on hand. Pair these hairstyles with a simple necklace to really complete your look.

What do you think about bangs? Will you be trying them this season?

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