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Having a Bad Day? Treat Yo’self!

We all have those days where everything seems to be going wrong, sometimes even before we’ve actually gotten out of bed. We all wish we had the luxury of rolling over, hiding in our blankets and going back to sleep, but for most of us, daily responsibilities just can’t wait and we’re forced to get up and go. While there are no quick fixes on days like these, what we put on and how we approach our day can have a real impact on our moods. Here are some ideas to give yourself a boost whether you’ve just woken up or just come home after a long, hard day.

bad day¬†First thing in the morning, give yourself a quick facial. Spend a bit of time on your face with a refreshing scrub and a little massage- you’ll be left feeling immediately revitalized and awake. Don’t forget to moisturize, especially in this weather! Then go all out with your makeup. Feeling dull and depressed? Negate that mood with some vibrant lipstick and great mascara. Not only will you feel a bit uplifted, but people will be more cheery and open when speaking with you, which will also change the course of your day.

On a similar note, wear your favorite jewelry. Who cares if you’re just going grocery shopping? Put on your favorite top, spritz some perfume and add a great bracelet– when you feel confident and pretty, you’ll be a bit more optimistic.

Has your day already been miserable, and now you’re home and ready to crawl into bed at 7pm? Resist the urge and pamper yourself first. Take a bath with your best bath salts, play some relaxing music, and enjoy a glass of wine. Not your style? Get productive! Put on your sweats and clean out your closet or under your bathroom sink. You’ll feel great when you’re done and can finally check that off the list of tasks you’ve been meaning to do for months. Take a shower, put on your fanciest/coziest PJs and settle down with a great chick flick like The Holiday to end the day.

Whether you like to dance around in your heels to Taylor Swift or scrub the kitchen counters (or both!), do whatever you can to boost your mood and remind yourself that you can spend a bit of time on yourself and have fun without feeling guilty. We’ve all been there.

What’s your favorite way to wind down after a rough day?

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