Airport Style Guide

August is upon us and mid-summer is all about cocktails, warm nights, suntans and TRAVEL! Chances are, you’ve got some kind of trip planned, and while you need to think about what to pack, what to pack in, what to buy upon arrival and so much more, you also need to stop for a minute and think about what you’re going to wear en transit!

If you’re heading somewhere with a similar climate to wherever you live, you know what kinds of temperatures you can expect upon arrival. Even still, temperatures en route can fluctuate dramatically, so you always want to be prepared. Of course, the key here is layering. So what should you layer to stay comfortable, stylish and flexible? Check it out.

Leggings. If you’re not a fan of leggings as bottoms, you can always go with a cozy, soft pair of jeggings, floral pants or even jeans, but make sure they are lightweight, flexible and that there is no hardware that may rub or poke you while sitting for long periods of time, such as zippers or large buttons. Make sure they are easy to clean and easy to pair with several tops, in case of spills or other mishaps. You may want to consider pockets, so that you can easily access your phone and other important documents while on-the-go.

Loose tops. Think soft t-shirts, oversized button-downs and other forms of long tops or tunics. Try to aim for a fabric that’s breezy and easy to fold and tuck away in a small bag, just in case. Avoid bright colors and patterns if you’re hoping to get some rest, as well as flashy hardware that may be irritating.

Wraps or cardigans. Like we said earlier, temperatures can vary while traveling. The airport may be warm, but air conditioning on a plane or bus can get pretty chilly. Bring a soft, cozy wrap or your favorite cardigan to throw on when you need to warm up, but make sure its lightweight and not bulky so it can be easily stored away when not in use. Again, be sure to choose a piece which can be easily thrown in the wash, just in case it gets dirty while you’re traveling.

Slip-on shoes. Air pressure and altitude during flights can make your feet swell, and people often opt to shed their shoes prior to a long flight. You want to make sure your shoes are easily removed, and that you can quickly pull them on again in the event that you get up to stretch your legs or want to beat the departing crowd after landing. Choose a pair that’s sturdy and comfortable, as you’re bound to spend a lot of time on your feet getting through the airport and to your final destination.

Accessories. Keep it minimal but stylish with a bracelet or necklace. Avoid jewelry and other accessories that are bulky, extremely valuable or delicate. Add a bit of makeup and toss a refreshing face spray in your carry on for the final touch.

Voila! You’re travel ready!

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