6 Ways to Dress Yourself Slimmer

Exercise and a healthy diet are the number one way to look and feel great, but sometimes they take time. While you’re working on self-improvement from the inside out, here are some ways to keep you motivated by complimenting and toning your form from the outside as well.

  1. Invest in good shapewear. While shapewear seems like cheating to some, it actually helps you look slimmer in more ways than one. In fact, the design and fit often make the wearer more aware of their posture, making them stand up taller by using their core. This helps lengthen the body and pull in the stomach, two things that will automatically make you look more confident and attractive.
  2. Empire waist and A-line dresses are both great options, since they don’t sit directly on the stomach and hips. They help enhance your shape without drawing attention to “problem” areas, creating a flattering silhouette and keeping you comfortable. Avoid narrow and light-colored belts. Instead, opt for thicker ones in black or dark brown that sit over the stomach.
  3. If you’re insecure about your upper arms, try covering them up with sheer sleeves. Cardigans, shawls and shrugs are all great options. Fuller arms also look better with cap sleeves than with sleeveless tops.
  4. If you’re not sure what size to buy, choose a size up and get it tailored to fit you perfectly. There is nothing more flattering or more important than clothes that fit you well.
  5. When in doubt, go with the black dress. Don’t lean towards the very baggy, even if you’ve recently gained a few pounds. This will just make you look heavier and shapeless. Instead, just make sure to wear a dress that hits at or above your natural waist, and fits you comfortable without creating any unnecessary bulges or squeeze marks.
  6. Accessories are a great way to draw attention to the features you are most proud of. Large, long necklaces make you look taller and leaner, and earrings, headbands and hats pull the eyes up towards your face and hair.

Most importantly, wear things that make you feel comfortable and confident! Make sure you don’t feel the need to adjust or fiddle with your outfit, relax and enjoy your day, and others will see you in a positive light!

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