5 Bras Every Girl Should Own

What we wear has a significant impact on our mood, as well as on the impression we give other people. We tend to focus on our outfits for the obvious reasons, but what we wear underneath is actually equally- if not more- significant than what we put on top.

Yes, we’re talking about bras. So often we choose based on cute styles and colors, and forget to take into account things like comfort, fit and practicality. We’re sure we’re not the only ones with a drawer full of lots of different styles, so we thought we’d break them down for you to maximize efficiency and avoid potential faux pas. Here are the top 5 bra styles and how you should wear and care for them:

1. The Bralette 


Unlined, seamless and wireless, the bralette is comfortable and flimsy, making it a great option for sleep and lounge. If you’ve been blessed with a bigger chest, you may want to avoid these in more formal or professional settings as they offer minimal support and shaping. Given the thin nature of bralettes, you’ll probably need to replace them pretty often as they can get stretched and worn. They’re usually the cheapest option, though, so that’s good news!

2. The T-Shirt Bra 

t shirt bra

Contoured, smooth cups make this bra a must-have for wearing under thinner fabrics like t-shirts. Wear one to avoid unsightly lines and bumps and to keep your look clean and polished. Since you’ll probably use these bras a lot, take good care of them by waiting a day between wears and air-drying after a wash instead of using the dryer.

3. The Push-Up Bra 


Made to give your ladies a boost, push-up bras are generally used when you need to fill out the bust of a shirt or dress, or want to show off a bit of cleavage. Usually worn with eveningwear and a great necklace, your push-ups should last a bit longer than your t-shirt bras and bralettes.

4. The Strapless Bra 


A summertime essential, the strapless bra features with thick sides and non-slip lining to provide a perfect solution for strapess and spaghetti-strap tops. Make sure to try yours on in the store before buying one, so that you know it fits you well and stays on without needing endless adjustments.

5. The Demi Bra


Romantic and flattering, the demi bra is a popular choice for date nights and of course, Valentine’s Day! With pretty lace, pearl accents and other feminine touches, demi bras are also extremely useful, as the cups are cut lower than the average bra and won’t peek out from deep scoop or square necklines.

What is your favorite bra style?

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