Triple Strand Silver Flower Clasp



Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Clasp Size: 13mm

This clasp is for a triple strand pearl bracelet or necklace



A beautiful, elegant silver clasp, this Triple Strand Flower Clasp makes a dramatic addition to any triple-strand pearl bracelet or pearl necklace. The cool shimmer of sterling silver perfectly compliments the creamy luster of pearls, while the large round floral shape will accentuate the pearls’ natural shape and add to the entire piece.

With a vintage-inspired design, this jewelry clasp will add immeasurable glamour and sophistication to your triple strands, making it a wonderful addition to an older piece of jewelry or a customized design.

Measured at 13mm, this clasp is noticeable enough to tie the whole piece together while remaining classy and not overbearing. Designed for triple strands.



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  1. Kathleen Lynn (verified owner)

    Tara is a gem (!!) to work with…helped pick out the clasp for my triple-stranded pearl necklace that my nephew got me from Beijing. Excellent work and done in a timely manner. I will be sending a lot of work her way.

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