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Mystery Pearls

  • Mystery Pearl

    Mystery Pearl


    Send in your pearls and we can add as many mystery pearls as you like or purchase a necklace or bracelet and we will add the mystery pearls.

Discover the Magic of Mystery Pearls

If you want to show off your pearls without any distracting clasp in the way, a mystery pearl clasp just what you need! Mystery pearls are pearl clasps made from a pearl that is cut in half and screwed together so that it looks just like the rest of the pearls on the strand.  They are extremely secure and look great at every angle.

A mystery pearl clasp’s mechanics are simple. When attached, the matching ends fit together flawlessly, giving the illusion of a never-ending pearl necklace. When closed, the mystery pearl clasp is fully concealed, offering a clean and exquisite look. Mystery pearl clasps are recognized for their safety. They are known as one of one of the safest clasp options available. This is because they require numerous rotations for the screw to fit into the bolt.

A really cool and creative way to use mystery pearls is to join several pearl strands together to create a chic wraparound look.  Alternatively, consider purchasing several mystery pearl strands so that you can shorten or lengthen your necklace to match every outfit you have.

Our expert pearl restringers will carefully match your mystery pearl clasp to your existing strand so that it will blend in seamlessly.  Whether you have Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls or even Tahitian pearls, we’ll create a matching mystery pearl clasp that you can enjoy for many years to come.