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Double-sided clasps

Double Sided Clasps for Double the Beauty

Show off your clasp as the centerpiece of your pearl necklace. At Pearl & Clasp, we know the days when clasps were meant to be hidden behind hair are long gone. Necklace clasps are a necessity for any pearl necklace, so pick a show-stopping double sided necklace clasp that you want to display prominently alongside your pearls. All of the necklace clasps at Pearl & Clasp deserve to display their eye-catching beauty in the front or the side of your necklace, no longer hidden behind your hair or clothes. Today’s double sided clasps are just as important as the strands they’re supporting. From gold clasps to necklace clasps embellished with pearls and diamonds, the right pearl necklace clasp will give you a new reason to love your pearls.

At Pearl & Clasp, we’re sure to have a clasp for every budget and style. If you’re looking for a classic fishhook or a decorative multi-strand necklace clasp embellished with pearls and diamonds to make a statement, we have an option that will match your desires. A brand new necklace clasp is a great way to turn your pearl strand into custom pearls that will be cherished for generations. A double sided necklace clasp enables you to show off your pearl jewelry from every single angle, without worrying about your clasp flipping over to reveal it’s closing mechanism.

Adding a new clasp to your pearl strand can be a great opportunity to restring pearls to create a new, custom look. Pearl & Clasp offers free pearl restringing for 18-inch strands for customers that purchase a new necklace clasp over $100. Creating custom pearls is easy when you’re working with Pearl & Clasp as many of our necklace clasps can be adjusted to accommodate more or fewer pearl strands.

If you’re not sure the style or size of necklace clasp you’re looking for will accentuate the beauty of your pearls, the pearl professionals at Pearl & Clasp are always available to guide you in picking the clasp that will highlight the natural luster of your pearls. Contact us today to get started with selecting your new necklace clasp.