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Diamond Ball Clasps

Diamond Ball Necklace Clasps

Ever wonder how to give your lustrous pearl necklace a little more love? The addition of a diamond ball clasp can be classy and fabulous, and will make you fall in love with your pearls all over again. If you love the timeless beauty of your real pearl necklace but you’re looking for a little extra something to add, you’ll surely find the diamond ball clasp you’re looking for at Pearl & Clasp. The round shape of these clasps stay consistent with the pearls, and the glistening diamonds add a touch of extravagance and bling to bring pearls to the next level. A perfect pairing for a bride, businesswoman, or even royalty, a diamond ball clasp with a classic pearl necklace is refined yet luxurious for all occasions.

Gone are the days where clasps were hidden behind hair! These clasps deserve to show off all of their eye-catching beauty in the front or side of your necklace, making your piece a pearl necklace and a diamond necklace in one. Pearl & Clasp has the secret formula to make pearls and diamonds compliment one another classically and affordably. We have a selection for everyone, from the whimsical to the bold, vintage to classic to modern.

Each of these clasps is hand crafted with each diamond hand-picked to ensure quality and consistency in our products. All of our diamond ball clasps are double-sided, so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking the mirror to make sure your clasp is facing the right direction, you can just enjoy feeling as extravagant and luxurious as your pearls make you look.