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Diamond and Gold Multiple Strand Necklace Clasps

Pair your pearls with a fabulous diamond and gold clasp for a look that is both classic and timeless. Since diamonds and pearls go together flawlessly, combine them to create a pearl necklace that is sure to make heads turn. Why settle for a lackluster clasp when you can choose a diamond and gold clasp that will add shine, sparkle and luxury to any pearl necklace?

Everyone knows that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  But at Pearl & Clasp, we believe that diamonds are a pearl’s best friend. Diamonds are an extraordinary stone to add to any piece of jewelry. Multiple strand clasps made from diamonds and gold are a great way to enhance any pearls.  Make inexpensive freshwater strands look like a million bucks with a diamond and gold clasp.  Or, give Akoya or Tahitian pearls the honor they deserve with a clasp of equal stature.

Made from 14-karat white or yellow gold and adorned with shiny diamonds, a clasp from our diamond and gold clasp collection will take center stage on your multiple strand pearl necklace. Display your new clasp as the centerpiece of your necklace rather than an afterthought.  Diamond and pearl clasps are meant to get noticed!

Every piece in our diamond and gold necklace clasp collection was hand-picked by our style experts to ensure that your multiple strand pearl necklace looks great for years to come.  We can restring your new clasp on your existing necklace, add it to new pearls or send it to you as a standalone clasp.  No matter what your needs our, we can help!