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Bar Sets for Multiple Strand Pearl Jewelry

Ensure that your multiple strand pearl bracelet or necklace remains firmly in place with stylish gold bars to keep the strands laying beautifully at all times. Used to divide and hold pearl strands together, our bars are super stylish and they add a delicate touch of class to every multiple strand pearl necklace and bracelet.

Our pearl bar collection includes bar sets that can be used on pieces with any number of strands and can be matched to any clasp.  Place matching bars at evenly spaced intervals on your pearls or add just one or two to create the desired stability. For a standard pearl collar or choker, two bars work well, but more can be added as a fashionable accessory if desired.  When it comes to a pearl bracelet, one bar, or even two will do the job. You can also create a bracelet that is gently studded with bars so that the bars themselves become a focal point of the bracelet. How you enjoy your bars is entirely up to you!

For added bling, add diamond bars to match a diamond studded multiple strand clasp.  If bling is not your thing, we have bar sets that are so delicate they’ll serve their purpose discretely. Our line includes matching bars for double, triple and multi strand pearl necklaces and bracelets.  Whether you’re looking for style or stability (or both!), we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection of our bars.