Golden Petal Necklace Clasp


Diamond Weight: n/a
Clasp Size: 15 MM
Metal Type: 14K Yellow Gold

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A classic rendition on a flower clasp, this Golden Petal Clasp evokes elegance. This clasp is made of 14K gold and is paired with a breath-taking, perfectly round pearl. The leaves on this Golden Petal Clasp are intricately designed to evoke the grace of a flower.  Large and lustrous, the center pearl is placed in a way that it adds just the right pop. This Golden Petal Clasp when paired with a triple strand pearl necklace, is a look that won’t be forgotten. The gold theme on this flower clasp lends itself to a more vintage inspired piece.  Bold in 14k gold, the richness of the golden petals nicely highlights the glimmer of a pearl. A great way to wear this flower clasp, is by displaying the clasp on the side. This look transforms your typical pearl necklace to a more sophisticated, glamorous look that is reminiscent of the 1920’s. For a classic look that is super trendy, this Golden Petal clasp is sure to elevate your pearl pieces.

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