Bridal pearl jewelry

You’ll treasure forever

Bridal Pearl Jewelry to Enjoy Forever

Bridal pearl jewelry is always gorgeous. It can be made from heirloom pearls or purchased new to enjoy for generations to come – get ideas here.

Your wedding day is an important one, and every detail counts. Once you’ve chosen your spouse, you’ll set to work picking everything else for your special day, from the place cards and bouquets to the perfect menu and the most fabulous wedding cake.  But when the party is over and the guests have gone home, most of your thoughtfully-planned details will be history as well – except for your bridal pearl jewelry.

Bridal pearl jewelry is one of the few wedding details that you can enjoy both on your wedding day and for years afterwards.  Pearl jewelry is a classic accessory for any bride (and for her bridesmaids as well!) but that doesn’t mean it has to look outdated.  There are literally hundreds of modern styles for bridal pearl jewelry, from black pearls to add a dramatic accent to rondels which add a hint of luxury.  A pearl drop necklace can accent a sweetheart neckline while a double or triple pearl necklace can create a look that may even compete with the wedding dress for the most gorgeous aspect of the day!

Of course, all pearl necklaces can be paired with bridal pearl earrings or a stunning bracelet to create a regal look from every angle.  If you are leaving your loose, consider pearl studs that will add shine without being too heavy.  If you opt for a dramatic up do, think about pearl drop earrings, perhaps with diamond accents, that will draw the eye down as it is being drawn up, for a juxtaposition that will look fantastic in every picture.

One great thing about bridal pearl jewelry is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Bridal pearl jewelry can cost under $100 – or it can cost a few thousand dollars, and it will look great no matter what your budget is.

Bridal Pearl Jewelry After the Wedding

Another great thing – some may even argue the best thing – about bridal pearl jewelry is that it can be worn for years after the wedding, both with evening wear and with more causal outfits.  A bridal pearl necklace, whether it’s a single strand or a multiple strand necklace, can look fantastic with a crisp white blouse and a pair of jeans, a V-neck sweater and a sleek pencil skirt or anything in between.  Pearl earrings can be worn with nearly any ensemble and are appropriate in every season and every setting.  Wear your bridal pearl earrings to your friends’ weddings, to work, to a weekend picnic or even to the movies.  You’ll love knowing that you’re getting use and enjoyment out of your bridal pearl jewelry and that you’re reliving a part of your special day every time you wear the jewelry.

If you don’t intend to wear your wedding jewelry often, consider having it restrung to a style that you can wear more frequently, or putting it aside for future use or future generations.  Your bridal jewelry is meant to enhance your special day – but why shouldn’t it also enhance the rest of your life?