Bridal Pearl Restringing

There’s nothing more meaningful or beautiful than wearing heirloom pearls on your wedding day.  Whether they come from your mother or grandmother, your husband’s family or are even your own from a past occasion, these pearls add extra meaning on your special day.  Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that just because your bridal pearls belonged to someone else, doesn’t mean you need to wear them the same way.  Pearl restringing can help transform your bridal strands into a look that will match your own gown perfectly.

Something Old, Something New – Something Perfect For You!

Did you know that restringing your bridal pearls will not only allow you to achieve the design you truly want, but it will provide you with other practical benefits as well.  Most importantly, pearl restringing adds strength and durability to otherwise weakened or fraying strands, which is critical for brides whose necklace will likely be hugged (or touched) by dozens or hundreds of people during the reception.  Restringing will ensure that your pearl necklace (or bracelet) will be durable enough to last not only through your wedding day, but for many years to come.

And, of course, bridal pearl restringing will allow you to seamlessly merge your something old and something new without compromising on the meaning of either item.  Gone are the days when brides needed to carry around Granny’s old handkerchief.  With quality pearl restringing, you can proudly wear Granny’s pearls while remaining true to your own style.

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