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The Maxi Skirt: Your New Best Friend

If you’re feeling the pressure of the scorching sun beating down upon you, you may be wondering if there’s an easier way to navigate the summer months in style, without all the clothing. Skinny jeans just aren’t as appealing when you’re sweating just to get into them, and shorts may not be ...Read more ...Read more

Spring Staple: The Chambray Shirt

Yes, chambray (AKA denim) shirts are useful in all seasons, but they are especially perfect in the spring and fall. Easy to take on and off, they add a stylish layer that provides both a fashion boost as well as light protection from chillier weather/office spaces. If you don’t already have ...Read more ...Read more

Necklace- Neckline Cheat Sheet

Every girl knows that accessories totally make or break an outfit. While purses and shoes may be the most obvious accessories, the right necklace can go a long way towards completing a look. Whether you’re heading out to the office or attending your best friend’s wedding, the right strand ...Read more ...Read more

How to Best Care for your Jewelry

Whether your jewelry box is full of costume stuff or stunning diamonds, it’s important for every gal to know the best way to care for her favorite accessories. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind when you’re talking about cleaning, polishing, and repairing your jewelry. 1. Organize: No one ...Read more ...Read more

Valentine’s Day Date Outfit

Although we have sometime to prep ourselves for Valentine’s Day, there’s no time like the present to get a head start. Whether you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with that special somebody or with your group of special somebodies, its always nice to have a game plan. A ...Read more ...Read more

DIY Pearly White Winter Chic

Maybe its the crisp December days or our fabulous 25 Day of Holiday Gifts, but something has definitely got me feeling the holiday spirit.  It seems like all I do these days is look up holiday ideas on Pinterest, to the point where its already been an hour into work, and ...Read more ...Read more