Scarlett Johansson wearing a single strand pearl necklace

How to take care of your Pearl Jewelry – Maintenence tips

Pearl Jewelry are delicate and require more care than other forms of jewelry. It is not simple as putting them in a box after use. Below we have detailed how to clean, care and maintain pearl jewelry for its long life.

Scarlett Johansson wearing a single strand pearl necklace

How to clean pearls?

Before keeping it away, dry it completely if it is wet due to sweating. This helps to preserve the elasticity of the silk thread.

Wipe the pearl with clean soft cloth after using it every time, This will not allow any buildup of oils and other substances that may have come in contact with your jewelry throught the day.

If your pearl jewelry got stained, do no submerge it in water as it will weaken the silk thread. Instead take it to a professional jeweller.

Take your pearl jewelry to a professional jeweler atleast once a year. Since the body oils can damage the silk threads, Make sure to have a jeweler check the site health of your pearl bracelets and necklaces once a year. They can clean it professionally also.

Some Maintenence tips –

Pearls should be the last thing added to your outfit. Avoid using hairspray, perfum or lotion once you wear your pearl jewelry.

Do not hang your jewelry, instead store them flat. Storing them flat prevents it from strecthing.

Try to wear them more often than keeping them in store.

If worn often, Pearls should be professionally cleaned and restrung atleast once a year by a professional Jeweler.

Take care of your pearl jewelry –

Do not keep pearl jewelry with other gemstones, else the pearls can get scratched or damaged.

Wrapping your pearl jewelry in a a cloth and then storing is a good idea.

Try avoiding chemicals as much as possible. Pearls are very sensitive to chemicals and can make it dull and loose its luster. Body creams, lotions and even lemon juice can harm your pearls.

Following all the tips and advices give above, you can easily make your pearl jewelry last for decades. provides pearl restringing and jewelry repair services in New York. Contact us for any professional advice or work regarding pearls.

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