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5 Amazing Ways to Enhance the Beauty of a Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for something elegant to wear to an upcoming wedding or just want to add some class and glamour to your everyday look, this blingy accessory can do the trick. But even a classic jewelry piece may need lifting sometimes, right? Is it possible to enhance the beauty of an already beautiful pearl necklace? Let’s find out.

How to Add to the Beauty of a Pearl Necklace

Pearls are so beautiful, but sometimes they can be a bit boring. To spice up your pearl necklace and make it more fun to wear, try out these 5 quick tips!

1) Add some bling with colorful gemstones

You don’t have to stop at wearing pearls only. Add some colorful gemstones to your necklace for a fun, glamorous look. They will add visual interest to the white or off-white pearls. Artificially dyed pearls are also available in a range of rainbow colors. Use them sparingly with white pearls if you don’t want to include gemstones.

2) Layer your pearl necklace

Pearls are classy, but if you want an edgy look, try layering it with a chain or cord necklace. Pearls are perfect to layer with, so try wearing a long strand of pearls with a shorter one for a “more is more” style.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match; gold chains would go great with pearls, as would leather cords. You can even layer your pearls on top of your favorite chunky necklace. The end result will be a layered necklace that makes a statement.

3) Add a playful clasp

If you’re bored with the regular ones, try out a necklace clasp with a little more pizzazz. A chain link closure is great because it allows you to open and close the necklace as much as you want. A lobster claw clasp adds a classy touch to your look if going for a more classic look. A big chunky toggle clasp is perfect if you’re looking to tie together an outfit with a Bohemian vibe, or just want to add some extra pop of color.

4) Add some decorative elements

Hang colorful charms on your necklace. If you prefer dainty jewelry, try out some simple charms instead of gemstones. A set of matching charms is perfect if you’re looking to keep your look cohesive.

Tassels could be another option because they are stylish and fun. They instantly turn an elegant pearl necklace into a unique statement piece that will liven up any outfit.

5) Mix in baroque pearl beads

If you’re not a fan of wearing plain beads, try out baroque pearls instead. They add some flair to the design without overpowering it or taking away from the necklace itself. Baroque pearls create a more unique look with their irregular shapes and sizes. They will bring texture and depth to the overall ensemble.

Final Words

There are various ways to enhance the beauty of a pearl necklace, creating an individualized piece that is perfect for your personality. From fun clasps to chic baroque beads, pearls can be worn in so many different styles!

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